Arabic The Easiest Way to Learn and Speak Arabic as a Second Language is a great resource for those beginning their French language journey. Whether you enjoy the challenge of learning a new language or have a trip planned to a French speaking country, Arabic The Easiest Way to Learn and Speak Arabic as a Second Language will get you where you need to be. ● A comprehensive vocabulary to develop proficiency in the French language to be able to understand and speak the language with confidence. ● Exercises to develop fluency in the French spoken language. ● Expressions used in day-to-day social interactions. ● Interactive drills within each lesson. ● A thorough guide of dialogue to navigate in conversations with locals, inquiring in shops, ordering in a restaurant, and much more. ● Gaining a complete understanding of the French language as it is applied to daily life. ● Insight into social interactions without feeling like a foreigner. ● Dialogue exercises to understand day-to-day conversations. ● Integrated lesson plans that serve to develop, build, and retain knowledge with maximum efficiency. S. Ali Gadelhak has decades of experience as a language instructor. He is the author of several instructional language books written in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Russian. His students have ranged from all skill levels – from beginners to advanced students. He has previously taught at the U.S. Department of State, universities in Morocco, and Inlingua, a private national language academy. Professor Gadelhak is the founder of the Chicago Educational Language Academy (CELA), as well as the related digital language learning platform, where he teaches and oversees the programs at the language academy.

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